Nippon Wanderer

Changing Impressions?

The more I live in Japan and the more I glance around me at the culture, the imagery and everything in between, I wonder, ‘did my impression change?’ Read the rest of this entry »


Kiyomizu-Dera Illumination

One aspect of Japan that really caught my attention is the amount of attention they pay to the seasons. They honour the beauty of the seasons in a way that I have not seen in England. Read the rest of this entry »

Japanese Idols: Kanjani8

Everywhere you look in Japan you are confronted with the Japanese idols. Well-known faces smiling at you from various products, magazines and TV commercials. ‘What makes the idols so popular?’ I wondered. I know that in England seeing famous people’s faces on billboards and in CMs was not as common as it is in Japan. Read the rest of this entry »

A quick look at Fashion

Just looking around in Japan, I came to notice the difference in the sense of fashion around me. Especially the female fashion.  Read the rest of this entry »

Fukakusa Train Station

Fukakusa station is located in Kyoto, one stop away from Fushimi Inari. The train station’s main purpose is for students to gain access to the nearby university and high school.  Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve known Naoya for over a year now and I always thought he was very fashionable. It may be due to the fact that his fashion is not something commonly seen in England, but I always thought he was stylish. Read the rest of this entry »

Neighbourhood wandering

The first thing I ask myself when I think of ‘my neighbourhood’ is: ‘what does it mean to be in a neighbourhood?’ Is it the people? The community? Where you go? Where you hang out? Read the rest of this entry »